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Stephan Lindeque

Stephan Lindeque

Managing Director (George)
Rudi Nortje

Rudi Nortje

Director (Newcastle)
Martin Syvertsen

Martin Syvertsen

Director (George)
Anton Lindeque

Anton Lindeque

Technical QS (George)
B.Tech. QS
Yamilen Goliath

Yamilen Goliath

Jnr. QS (George)
N.Dip (Building)

24 Years Of Experience In QS Field

Established in 1999, we initially conducted business under the name SVP Midlands. Since 2006 the office management was relocated to George and since traded under the name Quanto 2000. We currently have registered offices in Newcastle and George. Both practices have grown mature in experience, capacity and expertise and have been delivering services locally and throughout the country.

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Our Vision

Our company values all of our clients equally, regardless of sector or project size. We also endeavour to maximize each of our projects financially. Our primary aim is to manage and mitigate financial risk at all times whilst keeping all parties involved mutually satisfied. Our energetic team takes pride in establishing proper professional relationships, enhancing the probability of successful completions.

We implement high-level cost planning and reporting strategies with contractual and financial management support provided throughout each of the project phases. Our cost modelling techniques includes making use of leading computer software which ensures efficient data capturing during each phase of a project from concept to close out. This enables us to accurately report on the overall project cost status at any given time during implementation and also to deliver estimates for variations or additions efficiently.

We are committed to uphold and deliver a high quality professional service to our clients, be leaders in our field of expertise and to stay focussed on project team success instead of individual achievements.

Our Social Upliftment

Where opportunity presents itself, it is the policy of this firm to assist in the social upliftment, training and development of previously marginalised individuals and businesses. In recent years we have provided in-house and practical training and financial assistance to a number of previously marginalised individuals, as well as participation in various projects incorporating direct affirmative participation, PDI education initiatives and various community based projects involving emerging contractors.
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Policies and Objectives

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It is our policy to ensure that our clients receive the optimum advantage in terms of time and money spent on any of the projects in which this firm is involved. Direct personal commitment and involvement by all of the firm’s partners and associates is a priority.

The firm’s main objective is to maintain the highest possible standards of competence with regards to :

  1. Professional service to the client
  2. Effectiveness and competence
  3. Quality of proposals
  4. Experience and scope of knowledge
  5. Application of the latest technology
  6. Confidentiality

Quanto 2000 (SC/KZN) quantity surveyors is a BEE registered and certified company

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